Had court for posting the fliers today!

Had our first court appearance for posting the fliers today, plead not guilty, and went through the process to proceed pro-say, meaning that I will be representing myself.   If anyone wants to help fund legal counsel that would be appreciated.  I have not been pushing the link or gofundme page because there are so many other much more worthy causes.

You can donate here if you choose to:


I also got a copy of a letter that was sent to the judge by TheBigFish and ThePilotFish which are, well, ludicrous.  Blatant lies in his and outlandish requests in hers.  I will post them once I scan them in.

We reconvene on February 6th, though I will be filing a pre-trial motion to dismiss on the basis that the charge has no standing as the town code pertains to political posters only.

More to follow, thanks all!

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