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TheMan has created an image and video gallery for all the little fish out there to enjoy.   He feels its a much better way to view the content he is bringing you.  We have embedded YouTubes API into our website so its a more seamless experience, we hope you enjoy the changes.

Check out the gallery here:

Lastly, TheMan is working on a new video regarding his ongoing criminal case and how important our right to free speech is.  He hopes that you will tune in for that one soon!


Small Claims Case Ruling Is In! Check out the official ruling here!

TheMan has received the official ruling out of the 3rd District Court, City of Newburgh, handed down by the Honorable Judge Trachte.  You can read them in full below, and as always they will be available in our image gallery.  Thanks!


Two Motions to Dismiss and Our Next Court Date!

TheMan has filed two motions to dismiss the rather frivilous charge that the Village of Montgomery Police Department has filed against him.  If you would like to see them, you can read them in our new image gallery, here:

Simply click on the pages to read them!

The first motion that TheMan submitted was good, but not great and he thought he should file a second one.  TheMan holds himself to a higher standard than most, and believes that if you do something, you should do it right.  The second one is in a better format, and also uses a different reasoning than the original.   TheMan feels this is a good strategy, because if they dismiss one, perhaps they won’t dismiss the other.   The grounds of each are the same,  simply stated that the fliers TheMan was posting were not political in nature, so they don’t meet the requirements of the charge filed with the court.   Also, that his first and fourth amendment rights were violated.

TheMan feels that no law enforcement agency should ever be swayed by the common mans personal want or need.   No person should be able to curry favor with any agency, large or small, simply because they have a relationship with them or the community they reside in.   That goes against the true virtue and moral statute that all police officers should be held against.

TheMan believes he will be making another video specifically about this very thing, stay tuned!

We have our next day in court, scheduled for February 6th, 2017.  Both motions will be heard before the Honorable Judge Roepe.   The summons TheMan was issued is also in the Image Gallery for your further edification.

As always, all of you little fish out there should just keep swimming, and remember TheMan is here for you, if you need any help or advice feel free to contact him!


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