Check out our new video gallery!

TheMan has created an image and video gallery for all the little fish out there to enjoy.   He feels its a much better way to view the content he is bringing you.  We have embedded YouTubes API into our website so its a more seamless experience, we hope you enjoy the changes.

Check out the gallery here:

Lastly, TheMan is working on a new video regarding his ongoing criminal case and how important our right to free speech is.  He hopes that you will tune in for that one soon!


Small claims verdict is in!

Verdict is in!! Counter-claim has been dismissed with prejudice! That means the big fish has no recourse! Judgement awarded in my favor for the amount of $2775.00 – which is what we were originally owed! Victory is sweet. Could have us saved us both a lot of time and trouble if he just honored his debts like a real man.

Update video to follow!

So whats this all about really? The Origin Story.

So whats this all about really? The Origin Story.