Time To Look Forward, Whats Next You Ask?

Now that we have won the small claims case against TheBigFish – for the sum of $2775.00, which is what was originally owed to us, we are focusing on the criminal charge that was filed against TheMan.    TheMan went before the Honorable Judge Roepe of the Village Of Montgomery last night and plead not guilty to the charge for town code violation section 72.5 subsection A.   What TheMan also found, and this is the best part, TheBigFish and ThePilotFish tried to bias the outcome of the situation.

They entered into Ex-Parte communication with the Judge behind TheMan’s back!

Because this is reality, which they don’t seem to get, by law that communication had to be shared with TheMan.   Also it is now a matter of public record, so TheMan in turn, shares it with you:

So to recap – like I said in my previous video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PsA17VJpsk&t=7s) TheBigFish likes to use his family as pawns in the game of life.  TheMan would never do that, and while TheMan does feel badly if The BigFishes children were in fact mocked maybe TheBigFish should set a better example for them and things like this wouldn’t happen.  Furthermore TheBigFish continues to set an even worse example for them by lying openly to the judge about the things TheMan has done.   TheMan has ceased hanging fliers since he was contacted by the state police until the outcome of the criminal case is decided.  ALSO – TheMan has never set foot on TheBigFishes property, and doesn’t intend to, rather he wants to post the fliers all over the town so the people can see TheBigFish for who he really is.  This may anger TheBigFish but in life eventually your chickens will always come home to roost.   If you consistently screw people over, eventually one of them is going to fight back.

Not to mention if TheBigFish had simply paid TheMan the money he was owed, this website, our videos, those fliers would never have existed.

Perhaps we owe TheBigFish a debt of gratitude, for this is truly entertaining to TheMan and you the reader as well I’m sure.  If you think about about this parable, in a clear context as an unbiased onlooker, TheBigFish could have saved TheMan, TheBigFishes Children, and the New York State court system a whole lot of time, frustration and anger.   I guess the moral of the story is this, that when you have a debt you should pay it, when you have a contract you should honor it, and rather than being forced to do what is right – you should do it simply because it is so.

But alas, hindsight is twenty/twenty isn’t it?

Now onto ThePilotFish:

Really PilotFish?  Did you even write this or did TheBigFish write it for you and make you sign it?  Where is your creativity little PilotFish, where is it?  Firstly, you were never part of this “disagreement”, and had you not chosen to become a third party agitator your name would have never been brought into this.  Since you insist on wiggling your slimy little self into this little PilotFish, so be it.

You back a shady businessman in the hopes to profit and gain for yourself Little PilotFish and you entice people with their dreams of one day owning a grand home, while selling them lemons at the behest of TheBigFish, so you too shall get what you deserve in the end.  I can offer you no recourse, no retaliatory comment or divine notion because you seem all too interested in only furthering TheBigFishes shady practices.

All I can say is this, that what goes around comes around, and in life we all get what we deserve.  What we put out in life, is what shall return to us little PilotFish.

Good luck to you and God Speed.

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